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Car Diagnostics

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can carry out car diagnostics to get to the bottom of undiagnosed faults and running problems. Also, routine diagnostics can help spot problems before they develop, potentially saving you money on future repair costs. We’ll plug into your vehicle’s ECU, and any issues will be flagged as a code, which allows us to locate and repair the problem quickly. It has become increasingly challenging to troubleshoot modern vehicles, thanks to advancements in technology. Fortunately, with our advanced equipment, we can continue to provide quick and reliable repairs to all makes and models, no matter how high-tech they are. Contact us today to book a diagnostics check.

Book Engine Diagnostics

Book your vehicle in for engine diagnostics while you wait. We carry out checks at competitive prices and will let you know if any error codes are flagged. Depending on the vehicle, diagnostics can be used to identify existing or developing issues with the:

If you’re experiencing running issues, or want to give your car an electrical and mechanical health check, then diagnostics is an invaluable tool. Call to book.

Help With Your Car Warning Lights

Often, electrical (and some mechanical) faults display as a warning light on the dashboard. These will either be amber, which indicates an issue should be investigated soon, or red, which requires immediate attention. A diagnostics test can help get to the bottom of warning lights and reset the system following repair work. Please note: If a red warning light shows, you should stop driving straight away for your safety, the safety of other road users, and to minimise serious vehicle damage.

Mechanical Fault Finding

If you have an older vehicle, or the diagnostic check doesn’t flag anything but you’re still experiencing driving issues, we can also perform mechanical fault finding. Our qualified technicians will do things the good old-fashioned way, getting up under the bonnet to investigate and quote for any repairs needed. We always consult with you prior to carrying out any work, so there will never be any unexpected bills.

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