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Exhaust Repair

One of our primary services is carrying out exhaust repairs, ensuring your system is in correct working order and fuel efficiency is optimised. One of the key systems on your vehicle, the exhaust network directs harmful gases and fuel by-products away from the engine, collecting deposits on route, and ejecting the waste from the rear. Failure of any one of these parts can cause significant running issues and elevated emissions, which can lead to MOT failure and breakdown. If you see, hear or smell anything unusual you should bring it in to be checked. We can even carry out exhaust welding, potentially saving you money on replacement parts. Call us today to book in.

Signs Of A Faulty Exhaust System

There are various indicators signifying a faulty exhaust system, some more obvious than others, that include:

If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend booking your vehicle in with us for a health check. We can identify the problem part, the cause of the fault, and suggest cost-effective solutions.

Replacing Your Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter (‘cat’) removes carbon monoxide and toxins and prevents them entering the atmosphere and being inhaled. Typically, a cat will last 70-100k miles, and you may never need to have it replaced. However, when a cat fails, usually as a result of other engine issues or contamination, you can experience a number of running issues as well as fail your MOT. Signs of a bad catalytic converter include an eggy smell from the exhaust, poor fuel economy, check engine light illuminating and poor acceleration. We can not only change your cat converter quickly and affordably, but also help identify engine issues that may be causing the problem.

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